Subsurface Utility Engineering
Dallas County Public Works (DCPW), Cockrell Hill Road, Dallas, TX

CRIADO was responsible for SUE Investigation, record utility research, assembling utility plans, and preparation of engineered drawings for utility relocations associated with the Cockrell Hill Road reconstruction and the Jefferson Boulevard. Cockrell Hill Road reconstruction consists of plans preparation for the upgrade and reconstruction of approximately 6,600 linear feet of existing 2-lane minor arterial roadway to 3-lane/4-lane concrete curb and gutter minor arterial roadway with continuous minimum 5-foot wide sidewalks. In addition to SUE services, CRIADO is responsible for preparing conceptual drainage report, hydrologic analysis and hydraulic design for the reconstruction of Cockrell Hill Road from Moler Ave. to Davis Street. The CRIADO Team is providing drainage design, roundabout design, landscape/streetscape design, conceptual parking design, traffic design, and geotechnical recommendations, working as an integral team member to DCPW.  Engineers prepared design alternatives for three outfall locations.