Parks & Trails
Town of Flower Mound, Park Improvements, Flower Mound, Texas

CRIADO assisted with design services for recreational improvements to five parks located within the Town as follows: Blue Bonnet Park, Glenwick Park, Northshore Park, Shadow Ridge Park and Westchester Park.  These services included general layout for proposed shade structures, basketball courts and pedestrian improvements in addition to structural design for the basketball court pads, basketball goal foundations and shade structure foundations.

CRIADO prepared the project specifications, exhibits and engineering design required for the placement of Town provided prefabricated shade structures, basketball court construction, sidewalk construction and parking area striping improvements based on preliminary exhibits previously provided by the Town of Flower Mound.  A single bid package was prepared for improvements to all five parks for use by the Town in administering the bid.  CRIADO’s assistance with the bid administration for the project included providing plans and specifications, attending the pre-bid conference and bid opening and reviewing the bid tabulations.