Land Surveying

CRIADO has a highly skilled survey team with experienced field personnel to provide proactive results. We use state-of-the-art equipment and software to achieve the highest level of accuracy possible.  Our clients rely on precise and effective land surveys for use by design and construction professionals, property owners, legal and financial representatives, and public utilities and agencies.

CRIADO utilizes modern technology including digital imagery, CAD, GIS, mapping and spatial analysis to provide detailed, site-specific information. Precise data collected in the field allows our team identify potential issues and streamline every project to increase efficiency and save money for our clients.

Our surveying team is experienced in:

  • Topographic
  • Preliminary Design
  • Boundary
  • Route Surveys
  • Land Title Surveys
  • Right-of-Way Determinations
  • Horizontal and Vertical Control
  • Platting
  • Easements
  • Right-of-Way Parcels
  • Abandonments
  • Construction Staking
  • As-Built Surveys
  • ALTA Survey