Subsurface Utility Engineering

CRIADO has a quality team with highly experienced field crews to provide SUE services with the ability to deliver reliable underground utility information needed for many utility and roadway design projects.

We deliver accurate mapping information of existing underground utilities, allowing our clients to make informed decisions, and avoid costly conflicts or project delays. Most importantly, our expert SUE team eliminates the risk of any utility conflicts and clearly maps potential underground hazards. Our engineers will perform throughout the lifecycle of a project from concept phase to design, through to construction and finalization.

CRIADO offers utility owners comprehensive solutions for their utility system requirements, including implementation of new systems, repairing, upgrading, extending or expanding existing systems or relocating utility facilities due to roadway improvements.

Subsurface Utility Engineering Specialties:

  • Records Research
  • Utility Designation
  • Data Management
  • Utility Coordination
  • Utility Location
Underground Utility Quality Levels
  • Quality Level A: Utility Locating with Nondestructive Vacuum Excavation or Potholing (In-house VAC Truck): CRIADO recently purchased a brand new, state-of-the-art vacuum excavation truck. The new equipment will allow CRIADO to provide in-house Level A SUE services to identify the vertical and horizontal position of utilities, as well as their sizes, composition and condition.
  • Quality Level B: Utility Designating/Surface Geophysical Methods: CRIADO uses geophysical technology to designate subsurface utilities without disturbing the existing conditions of the property.
  • Quality Level C: Investigation of Visible Surface Features: CRIADO survey and field crews undertake field observations and make note of visible surface features that are commonly associated with subsurface utilities such as manholes, pits, valves and hydrants.
  • Quality Level D: Review of Existing Subsurface Utility Documentation: CRIADO coordinators extensively review pre-existing subsurface utility records and compare findings to determine that the information is up to date, maintained and rated for accuracy.
CRIADO’s SUE team uses cutting-edge technology to help our clients by:
  1. Avoiding costly utility relocations.
  2. Providing accurate utility information which allows project designers to design around potential conflicts.
  3. Reducing costly relocations.
  4. Reducing delays to the project caused by waiting for utility work to be completed.
  5. Reducing construction delays caused by cutting, damaging, or discovering unidentified utility lines.
  6. Reducing contractor claims for delays resulting from unexpected encounters with utilities are reduced.
  7. Enhancing safety – When excavation or grading work can be shifted away from existing utilities, there is less possibility of damage to a utility that might result in personal injury, property damage, and releases of product into the environment.