DFW Airport Runway 17R/35L Reconstruction

Irving, Texas

Start date: 02/2021

Finish date: 07/2022


Scope of work:

CRIADO performed surveying services on 417 acres +/-., as a subconsultant to Atkins, on the DFW Runway 17R/35L reconstruction project. Additionally, the SUE department identified over 450,000 LF of utilities within the runway footprint and performed a budgeted 120 Quality Level (QL) A Test holes within the runway and adjacent taxiways.

This runway provides critically needed departure capacity in support of DFW global hub scheduled flight operations, accounting for roughly 50% of all aircraft departing DFW. Recent years have witnessed an increasing number of pavement surface and sub-surface distresses. It is now at a point on the pavement maintenance curve along with its aging utilities, where a complete rehabilitation is required.

SURVEY: CRIADO provided a topographical survey of Runway 17R/35L, the limits of the survey being approximately 100 feet south of the south edge of the blast pad at the end of Runway 35L and approximately 100 feet north of the north edge of the blast pad at the north end of Runway 17R, and West from the centerline of 17R to the centerline of Taxiway Lina, and from the centerline of 17R, approximately 450 feet East.

SUE: This project included the research, identification, and development of a Base Utility File of all utilities within the footprint of Runway 17R in advance of redevelopment by DFW. Extensive Utility Coordination needed to be done on this project including a thorough Utility Conflict Matrix and CRIADO authoring a SUE Exploration Program narrative for the project to be used during bid solicitation.