Joppa Neighborhood

Dallas, Texas

Start date: 03/2022

Finish date: Ongoing

Contract type: Design



Scope of work:

The Joppa community holds an abundance of historical significance and sadly neglect, throughout its unique and troubled history. Joppa, sometimes spelled “Joppee”, was established in 1872 as a Freedman’s Town where many descendants of the first residents still reside, creating a rich historical culture. With less than 1,000 residents in the community and being bound by Loop 12, the Trinity River and the UPRR Miller Yard, this residential neighborhood is surrounded by an industrial area, isolating it from all other neighborhoods in the area.

The main purpose of this project is to improve pedestrian access with ADA accessibility for the community. The scope of work involves the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks and improvements to the pedestrian infrastructure at the intersections of Carbondale St. and Loop 12, public outreach, and environmental review, along with other aspects of the civil infrastructure promised to Joppa residents, including improvements to the DART system, handicap accommodations, and beautification efforts.

CRIADO is providing engineering services for the development of schematics and design plans along with specifications, environmental studies, public involvement, permit determination, data collection analysis, mitigation commitments, traffic engineering and operations, surveying and mapping, geotechnical, and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services for both: CSJ: 0581-01-157: Construction of intersection improvements including regrading, repaving, and sidewalks at Carbondale Street and Great Trinity Forest Way in the City of Dallas; and CSJ: 0918-47-310: Construction of shared use path on Linfield Road over UPRR Rail Yard in the City of Dallas.

Project Photos